Steve Nass on the Issues that matter to the people of the 11th State Senate District:


  • I support empowering parents to make key decisions on what school is the best fit for their children, regardless of whether that school is public or private.
  • I support enacting accountability measures for our schools that provide parents and taxpayers with a clear understanding of the performance by both students and educators.
  • I support freezing tuition and fees in the UW System and the Wisconsin Technical College System. The out-of-control cost of higher education has created a student debt crisis that will limit the prosperity of students for decades.


  • I support continuing levy limits and revenue controls on local governments to protect property taxpayers.
  • I support continuing the process of incremental state income tax rate cuts that benefit middle class families.
  • I oppose efforts to increase the Wisconsin gas tax.
  • I oppose efforts to increase the Wisconsin state sales tax rate and expand the sales tax to additional services solely for the purpose of feeding more government spending.

Economic Development

  • I support efforts to modernize state and local strategies for assisting businesses in this state to thrive and create new employment. Government doesn’t create private sector jobs, but it does have the power to inhibit job growth in the private sector due to poor public policy decisions.
  • We must compete better for employers on a regional, national and international basis. Wisconsin needs to promote both home grown business development and enhanced efforts to lure new employers to the Badger State.